The Gustavo Fitness Experience (GFE) is a high energy workout program


focused on helping individuals reach their maximum health potential. 


Whether you want to lose weight, lose inches, get stronger, increase your


metabolism, improve your nutrition, or just improve your overall health,


our team of personal trainers and wellness


coaches are committed to providing the right fitness plan for you to reach

your goals.



Empower yourself by empowering your health. Fitness w/ purpose


Book a private training session with a GFE trainer. Working out in a 1:1 environment may benefit your body, your practice, and your esteem in a unique way! If you're looking to privately train and workout in the comfort of your home or chosen location, we'll gladly come to you and help you achieve your goal.  Whatever the case, we will create a personal training regiment that suits your needs!

Group training sessions give you the added benefit of motivation from your peers as well as your instructor. Group training evokes energy, inspiration, and fun while keeping active. Participants do different or similar exercises at their level of fitness or ability. Training session will help you achieve your personal health and fitness goal.




We have a wide range of workouts for you to choose from. They range from weight loss to increasing your flexibility or adding muscle tone. We can either build you a customized workout or you can train with a  small group

A GFE coach will take you through an assessment in order to create your personal plan for success. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, we have a coach for you.

You'll get a personalized nutrition plan built specifically for your needs. No more guesswork, no more stress. You'll learn how to eat on your own terms while establishing healthy habits.